Meet the Makers: The Lost Reciepts

Meet the Makers: The Lost Reciepts

Vi är stolta över att fortsatt kunna presentera människorna bakom Bokio! Tidigare fick ni träffa vår product specialist Anna samt vår support team leader Johanna. Nu presenterar vi The Lost Receipts, Bokiobandet som med sin kreativitet både kodar och skapar musik.


Alen: My dad always says that there’s no artist with a single talent, and I believe in that

Nils: About two years ago we started a band called The Lost Receipts. One of the things is that we have people that have different interests and we all use our interests and merge it with the work life

Hampus: When people say “oh you’re creative” they always think about painting and playing music, but a lot of people seem to forget that coding is also very much about being creative.

Alen: Because, since we are working on the same team, we know how Nils feels when it comes to the design and when it comes to the music, since we have that connection already while jamming together.

Nils: There’s always this diplomatic - but sometimes you can feel “umm’ like this when you don’t like something or you have opinions about it.

Christian: Did you play with Lego when you were a kid? Yeah, ok so my work here is playing with these fits. In one way you have to be creative, you have to use your imagination to get things to work together nicely and have other people understand what you do as well.

Nils: And I think that playing musical instruments also scratches that creative itch inside of your head.

Hampus: Just in a different way, I mean, you’re not doing the same thing when you’re making music and coding. But it’s still about, you know, creativity. So, they’re both fun.

Nils: I found a guitar in my mother’s closet when I was fourteen. A very small guitar. The brand was Pepita, some Spanish brand. And I started playing some Beatles songs, I was very much into The Beatles when I was younger. Actually now I remember… It had only three strings!