Meet the Makers: Anna

Meet the Makers: Anna

Vi är stolta över att kunna presentera människorna bakom Bokio. Först ut är Anna Wallin, en av bolagets första anställda. Hon träffade Bokios grundare när hon orienterade, en hobby hon fortsätter att kombinera med arbetet på Bokio! 


Here it really feels like you’re on the train or something, and we’re going somewhere in full speed, and if you leave… you miss the train!

Orienteering has been a part of my life, I guess since I was born almost.

I love training, I love running, but I love that it’s not only running.

The physical combined with the mental. Being 100% focussed while you’re running full speed.

Bokio is challenging in a good way, and it’s fun at the same time.

I learn something new every day.

There’s so many other people that I can learn from.

At the same time that Bokio is growing I am growing.

Also, I really like that there’s people from different countries, different cultures, and every time there’s a new one coming in it’s like: “oh here is another nice person!”

Everyone is really helpful and it still feels like we are one team and we are doing this together.

You really get the freedom or chance to do so much stuff, and that they believe in you.

I mean, on a Sunday evening I can actually really look forward to go to work the day after on a Monday morning.

They really want Bokio to be good, so Bokio is definitely something we need.

We need Google, then we need Bokio.