The easiest way to launch and run your embedded card program

Use Bokio Pay's APIs to embed white-labeled cards and financial flows seamlessly into your own product.



Introducing a seamlessly integrated card into your accounting platform brings multiple improvements to the user experience. With the card you'll be able to reduce manual steps in the accounting flow, increase automation, and create a smoother user experience not only for the finance department.

With the rich Transaction Data provided by Bokio Pay the recording of purchases can be fully automated.

Having the transaction data directly in the accounting platform ensures better financial control and makes for improved spend analytics.

Your accountants will love having the card integrated as they no longer have to chase for receipts and expense reports.

Bokio Pay have purpose built flow to let Accounting Offices onboard customers to the card so that you can fully utilize your pre-existing relationships with Accounting Offices in your Go-To-Market strategy.


Expense management


Having a branded card in you expense management solution helps increases automation, helps reduce errors and makes for an all over better user experience.

With Bokio Pay's spend controls, team structure, and, and rich transaction data your customers will have unmatched control over company spend as well as meaningful insights on company costs.


Subscription handling


Allow your customers to keep better track of SaaS subscriptions and where the money is going. With our card platform you can get access to transaction data including costs and supplier to easily build a world class subscription management platform and give your customers better insights to what they are spending money on.


Spend analytics


With the rich transaction data you'll get from Bokio Pay you can give meaningful spending insights to your customers. From daily business expenses to software subscriptions, your customers will get real time overview of the company spending.


HR Platforms & Benefits Cards


Elevate your HR solution. Empower companies to delight their employees with a seamless user experience and benefits cards.

Instead of reimbursing employees for benefits they payed out of pocket, give them a card with spend limits and control what merchants they can spend their budget with.

With a personal card, both the employee and the administrators reporting process can be heavily reduced.


Still have questions?

By adding cards to your product you will earn interchange on every transaction made on your card by your customers.

We help you throughout the process of designing, implementing, and succeeding with your card program.

Bokio Pay Card Notification


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