Take your business to the next level by adding a financial layer

Improve customer journeys by erasing friction points caused by money movements.

Increase engagement from you users as you capture part of the customer journey current outside of your product.

These features are included in Bokio Pay

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Debit Business Card

With a Debit Business Card your customers will be able to use the card in almost every store around the world. Bokio Pay offers physical cards.

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Customized Card Design

The card will be design in your colors and brand.

Spend Limits

Use spend limits to get users better control of spending.

Payment Control

With Payment control you can block certain types of merchants to keep spending compliant.

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Team Structure

With Bokio Pays role structure you can build out Team Structures with unique spending rights.

API Access

With Bokio Pay you get access to our API Platform allowing you to fully customize how the cards and transactional flows enriches your current product - or build an entire new product upon Bokio Pay.

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Accounting Office Onboarding

Accounting Offices, or any other type of reseller are given a smoother flow to help onboarding their clients - to set you up for the best possible GTM strategies.

Rich Transactional Data

In the transaction data you will find Merchant Codes, addresses, store names, transaction values etc.

Card Production & Fulfillment

We handle the production and distribution of cards.

Card Lifecycle Management

When cards meet their expiry date, we’ll make sure your customers get a new one in time

3D Secure

With 3D Secure connected to the cards your customers have the highest possible security

Transaction Processing & Monitoring

Bokio makes sure the transactions processed and monitors if any fraudulent behaviour occurs

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KYC & Onboarding Controls

The platform provides all needed tools for compliant onboarding including identification and background checks

Automatisk arbetsgivardeklaration (AGI)

Licencing & Compliance

Bokio provides all the necessary licensing to launch and run a card program and makes sure you are compliant

Embed cards and unlock new revenue streams

By adding cards to your product you will earn interchange on every transaction made on your card by your customers.

We help you throughout the process of designing, implementing, and succeeding with your card program.

Bokio Pay USP Gold

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