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Spend your time and money on what matters – your business. As a Tingent consultant, you get special perks and we’ll help you set up your limited company.

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Bookkeeping made easy

Bokios smarta bokföringsmallar

Manage your bookkeeping

Our templates make it easier than ever to record your transactions and invoices.

Fakturera dina kunder i Bokio

Unlimited invoices

Create and send invoices on the go, and get notified if they are overdue.

Lönehantering och utlägg i Bokio

Integrated salary management

Automatic bookkeeping and employer declaration.

Behåll en bra kundrelation

Hire an accountant

You can always hire a professional consultant through Bokio if you need help.

Bokio och Tingent

Balance your finances with Bokio Business Account

With an integrated business account and card you’ll manage your finances with ease.

Card and Bankgiro

You’ll get your own unique bankgiro number and a MasterCard connected to your business account.

Pay with Bokio

There’s no need to use lots of different systems – just schedule and pay your salaries directly in Bokio.

Automatic recording

When using the invoice feature, your payments are automatically recorded.

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Easy to switch – even easier to get started

Importera bokföring

Easy to switch – even easier to get started

Get your SIE files from your current service provider by contacting them or finding information on their website.

2. Import your accounting to Bokio

Create your Bokio account and add your company information, upload the SIE files and Bokio will automatically upload the information to your account. If you have any problems you can contact our support team.

3. We’ll help you getting started

As soon as you’ve created an account we’ll make sure to send you all the information you’ll need to get up and running in no time.

Special deal for Tingent consultants

Need a helping hand with your administration? Our consultancy partner Win Win Ekonomi is here for you.

Ta hjälp med din bokföring, erbjudande till dig som Bonliva konsult

We believe that you as a consultant can take care of the majority of your administration in Bokio by yourself, but when you need someone to assure the quality of your finances and bookkeeping – Win Win Ekonomi can help you out.

With Win Win Ekonomi’s package you’ll get unlimited support of accounting services throughout the year. When the year is finished – Win Win does your year-end-accounts, your company declaration & provides you with all the advisory services you need as a company owner & consultant.

Thanks to our collaboration, Win Win Ekonomi will also help you to start your own company, free of charge.

All this, including year end reports - for 1350 kr per month!

Thanks to the easy to use invoicing template it’s so easy to send invoices!
Gustav Asplund, Consultant at Bonliva
Extremely easy and neat bookkeeping, invoicing, year end reports and salary software that makes it so much easier for a small company to work with its finances.
Myles Dean, Founder of The Company of Holistic Returns
Myles Dean Grundare på The Company of Holistic Returns
Bokio Business Account automates my bookkeeping – Everything from my invoice payments to all of my bookkeeping is hassle-free. I don't think it gets easier than this!
Stefan Jernberg, Business Developer and owner of Lead 2 change

We’ll help you to set up a company

As a consultant there are lots of perks to running your own business instead of getting paid a salary to your personal bank account. With your own business, you’ll be able to do tax reduced dividends which will make you more money long term than being an employee.

Getting started with Bokio

Bokio can help you with all types of documents for Bolagsverket, auditors certificate and your own business account. In short – everything you need as a small business owner.

Start your company today!

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