Bokio is already helping 80,000 people in Sweden and UK to run their companies. Currently this is mostly done on the web. Now we are looking to improve the experience by improving our Android and iOS apps.

Why is this job important?

While we already provide a good experience on the web there simply is no way to make certain parts as wonderful as a well crafted mobile app can be. For our users it's important that it's very easy to get receipts and other data into Bokio, if that is a hassle they are less likely to do it. This is why the mobile app is important for us, it can make these quick interactions much faster and more enjoyable than we can with the web. That way they get their data in so that we can help them never miss a thing. The mobile app is also a great way for us to remind them about important dates and events in their company, allowing the user to feel much more calm about not missing anything important.

What will you do?

As a mobile app developer you will be creating an awesome on-the-go experience for our users. At least initially the focus will be on supporting use cases that users want to do when they are away from the computer. 

Recent tasks the app-team have done, or have in the pipeline:

  • Make it possible to upload receipts to Bokio
  • Allow uploading later if your connection is bad
  • Add extra pages to a receipt
  • Add description and categories for receipts so that it's easier to record them in a later stage.
  • Unify our expense and receipt upload flows so that you can use the mobile app for expenses too.
  • Allow approving expenses in the mobile app for admin

Possible future tasks:

  • Send notifications to users about important dates
  • Give the user a good overview about their economy
  • Allow employees to report sick days, vacation and similar things
  • Download your payroll
  • Keep a conversation with your admin or accountant

Your responsibilities will also include doing code reviews (and being reviewed), writing tests and making sure the code is readable. 

Who do we think is right for this job?

  • You are empathetic and really care about how we affect the users
  • You have grit. When things get hard you simply try harder
  • You are analytical and like every chance to improve both yourself, the team and the product
  • 5+ years in programming (doesn't have to be as an employee)
  • Experience working with React and React Native
  • Experience working with Javascript and Typescript
  • Experience in developing mobile app
  • Bonus: Has released apps to Apple Store or Google Store
  • Bonus: Know native iOS or Android development: Swift, Obj-C, Java
  • Bonus: Know C# and .NET
  • Bonus: Know SQL
  • Bonus: Good at image processing



  • You get to enjoy the company of skilled and kind people from around the world
  • Flexible working hours and freedom to work from home much of the time
  • Skilled colleagues. We only hire people that are nice and that pass our technical tests
  • Work with modern technologies and be on the edge of what's possible to do with a computer
  • Great possibilities to improve your skills as a developer through tough and interesting challenges plus the possibility to take courses as part of your work 
  • An awesome office in central Gothenburg

Our stack

In the main project we are using:

  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • Redis
  • React
  • React-native
  • TypeScript
  • Scss
  • HTML5/CSS3 (we only support modern browsers)
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