Machine learning team lead 

Fulltime, Gothenburg (Sweden)

Bokio is growing super fast, the next step is the release the AI-solutions we have have been working on to make the accounting even simpler for the user. If you are really exited about the machine learning field and would love to build solutions that saves a lot of time and effort for thousands of small business owners.

Why is this job important?

Many business owners love what they do but dread the accounting part. We think this is wrong! Administration shouldn't be a hurdle for you to follow your dreams. 

If you can help us build the intelligence, we can let our designers use your work to create a user experience that will make our customers enjoy the accounting work instead of dreading it. You will also help them save a lot of time and worries so that they have time and energy to that is better spent on their company, friends and family.

What will you do?

The main focus will be to convert receipts and invoices to bookkeeping. This is done through classification and feature extraction. But it also requires to combine the machine learning with a set of algorithms sanity check and improve the end result. 

We have a lot of other ideas about how we can make running your business even easier in the long run that requires machine learning. These are not concrete ideas yet but we would love to tell you about them. When you work at Bokio we expect you to contribute with your own ideas, pushing the boundaries of what we can do to help our customers is one of your responsibilities.  

What will you learn on this job?

We work with award winning designers. The interaction with these have taught me more in one and a half year than the 8 previous year I’ve been building software . When working in a start-up, you will see the effects of your work very quickly. This feedback is also incredibly valuable to evolve your skills. You will see right away if your assumptions about the users was correct and if you are the right person for this job you will learn new things every day from the constant evaluation. And every day you will become a better developer because of it.

- Mikael Eliasson

You will learn a lot about the technical aspects of classification and feature extraction. We think you will learn even more about how an AI can be used even when it's not perfect. How can we build the system so that the user can save as much time as possible while still feeling in control. How can we make the AI pleasant to interact with? The experience you will gain in this area will really make you stand out from an employers perspective in the future. 

Utsikt från Bokios uteterass på kontoret

Who do we think is right for this job?

  • You are empathic and really care about how we affect the users
  • You have grit. When things get hard you simply try harder
  • You are analytical and like every chance to improve both yourself, the team and the product
  • You have experience and practical knowledge from earlier machine learning projects, mainly in classification and feature extraction 
  • You are good at algorithms
  • Bonus: You have done image processing before
  • Bonus: You know accounting
  • Bonus: You have had your own company or any other experience relevant to what we are doing 


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