Work at Bokio

Bokio is already helping 50 000 persons in Sweden to run their company. Now we are looking for you who want to make that even easier and expand to help people in other countries too.

Why is this job important?

When you work at Bokio you will be able to improve the life of millions of small business owners by making our already loved product even faster and easier to use. Your work will help them to be better at one the most important, and daunting, parts of their life.

Our goal is to make accounting fun! Sounds impossible? Well, some of our users already claim we have made them enjoy accounting and we have barely scratched the surface on what we could do to help them and make Bokio more enjoyable. And this is where you come in, with you front-end expertise you will help us launch features that truly help people and make sure that they are a true joy to use.

What will you do?

As a front-end developer, you will work on helping our customers by creating a really smooth and reliable UI. You will be working on:

  • Implementing new features
  • Tune existing ones so that they feel better to use
  • Increase the reliability
  • Help A/B test steps to make them easier to understand
  • Improve the responsiveness and flow of the UI
  • Help with user research and new ideas
  • Work in a small team with great colleagues.

Your responsibilities will also include doing code reviews (and being reviewed), writing tests and making sure the code is readable. 

What will you learn on this job?

"We work with award-winning designers. The interaction with these have taught me more in one and a half year than the 8 previous years I’ve been building software. When working in a start-up, you will see the effects of your work very quickly. This feedback is also incredibly valuable to evolve your skills. You will see right away if your assumptions about the users were correct and if you are the right person for this job you will learn new things every day from the constant evaluation. And every day you will become a better developer because of it."

- Mikael Eliasson

This is in no way an easy job. The requirements for correctness is very high which is a challenge when we are trying to radically change things and replace human actions with software. That is also the great thing with working at Bokio. You will become a much better and quality conscious developer. You will learn how to conduct efficient code reviews, effective unit, and integrations tests and even more importantly how you can embed business rules in the code in a way that it's easy to control and understand. We work with lots of data so you will learn a lot about writing blistering fast code. You will also get much better at security and learn to find security weaknesses. 

Who do we think is right for this job?

  • You are empathic and really care about how we affect the users
  • You have grit. When things get hard you simply try harder
  • You are analytical and like every chance to improve both yourself, the team and the product
  • You have a good feeling for which code that require extra attention to correctness and when you can prioritize speed   
  • You know Html, CSS and javascript
  • You know React
  • You have worked with Single page applications before
  • Bonus: You know Typescript
  • Bonus: You know the browser developer tools really well
  • Bonus: You know accounting
  • Bonus: You have had your own company or any other experience relevant to what we are doing
  • Bonus: You are a full-stack developer
  • Bonus: You understand how to measure and improve performance in an SPA


  • You get to enjoy the company of skilled and kind people from around the world
  • Flexible working hours and freedom to work from home much of the time
  • Skilled colleagues, we only hire people that pass our tests
  • Work with modern technologies and be on the edge of what's possible to do with a computer
  • Great possibilities to improve your skills as a developer through tough and interesting challenges plus the possibility to take courses as part of your work 
  • An awesome office in central Gothenburg

Our stack

In the main project we are using:

  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • Redis
  • React (switching from AngularJS)
  • TypeScript
  • Less
  • HTML5/CSS3 (we only support modern browsers


Are you the one we are looking for?
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